The yesteryears romance king and evergreen superstar Rishi Kapoor is in Vadodara today where he talked about his autobiography which shows the negative side of his career. He said that the book is his journey where he mentioned only the wrong side of him which he feel inspired the upcoming actors.

Rishi Kapoor is invited to the first ever literature festival in Vadodara where he speaks his heart out in a half n hour session with Shantanu Ray Chaudhary. He speaks about his life, films, failures and family which he shrinked in the form of his autobiography ‘Khullam Khulla’ a recent best seller all across.
Rishi KapoorRishi said that the book he wrote is of two reasons but before he started he went back three decades back when he was in Vadodara. “I am a Punjabi but not speak the language, I live in Mumbai but not speak Marathi and now I am in Gujarat after 35 years and even I don’t speak Gujarati. The city of Vadodara reminds me of the days when we visit here before 35 years for shooting for the film Prem Rog. Now I am here after so many years which refresh my memories again,” said Rishi Kapoor. He also remember the song from one of his movies called Rafoo Chakkar where there is song Chuk Chuk Chak Chak Bombay se Baroda Tak.

Rishi Kapoor said that his book is the mirror image of him which showcased his wrong things and inspired the recent actors. “There is a perception every where that son of a actor becomes an actor. But this is wrong as I got the break easily as I am the son of Raj Kapoor but I later struggled a lot to reach the position where I am now. So I want to change that perception through this book. Secondly none of the Kapoor ever write his own autobiography so I decide to reveal my family, life and others to the people,” said Kapoor.
Rishi KapoorRishi said that his family is in the industry for the last 90 years and still continuing. He said the one thing that inspired them to continue is the fans who love them and their work. “My family is here for the last nine decades and still continue to entertain the people. He is still acting in movies so as his son, niece and others. The acting school is always a distant dream for him in his early days but what he learned is all in Kapoor institute. The walls of the studio the family all taught him and what he is today is just because of that practical knowledge he learned,” said Kapoor.

Talking about his first film Shree 420 then National Award winning Mera Naam Joker to Bobby where he became superstar in just three movies. He said the first lesson he taught in his acting career is from his father Raj Kapoor. “I have to record my first song ‘Main Shayar to Nahin’ for Bobby and I was looking for the choreographer to guide me and even talked to my father Raj Kapoor. At that time he said that if he calls them then he would do what they want but he wants me to do it by my own. He said me to start a new era make your identity and that was the first lesson I learned from him,” said Kapoor.
Rishi KapoorRishi said that there was the time when success entered inside his mind after he recieved National Award for Mera Naam Joker and then tasted the success of Bobby. “After the two films I became a superstar and among the top four actors in the industry and also the second highest paid. But I thank God for pushed me to faced failure early in my life which helped me to shape my career and built my own identity,” said Kapoor.

Rishi said that earlier during their time in 1970, 1980 the audience accept everything be it action or romantic movie but now the scenario has changed. The public is clever now and become very choosy. Their thinking has changed and so as their sensibilities. So one has to give better films and new subjects to the public who spent money to watch the film in multiplexes. He also said that early in his innings he done romance and wear colourful jerseys which became his identity. But he wants to do acting and that he does in his second half of his career and still continuing.

Lastly he talked about his social media presence. “I am a common man chosen actor and I believed in catching the bull by the horns. I expressed myself and my views on social media and it’s my right to do in this democracy. Some might like it some not but,” said Kapoor.

At the end he signed autographs for the fans on his autobiography and obliged them.