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RIL Launches ‘Virtual Reliance Summer Program’

RIL Launches ‘Virtual Reliance Summer Program’

Keeps Up its Commitment to 84 Young Summer Trainees

In RIL it is

business as usual in its commitment to new joinees. Even as we increasinglyhear

aboutlarge global companies withdrawing job offers or suspending on-boarding of

recruited employees, RIL went ahead and on-boarded 84 summer interns last week

in a well-crafted online manoeuvre. The program, called the ‘Virtual Reliance

Summer Program’, is a thoughtful and detailed program that not only enables interns

to do their summer jobs online but also get the feel of working with an

organisation, inculcate a sense of belonging and geta full corporate work


The 84 summer

interns were recruited earlier this year from various management schools from

across the country. They were relieved and pleasantly surprised to receive an email

from the company asking them to join in April, as scheduled in the pre-Corona

period. The interns were provided guidance on theappropriate online platforms

to equip their devices with.

At its own

end, RIL prepared the detailed “Virtual Reliance Summer Program” for each of

the interns. The program started witha detailed on-boardingmodule aimed at not

only providing interns with company and job orientation but also building team

spirit through several tasteful ice-breaking and team-building sessions.

The Interns

were inculcated into the company philosophy, culture and businesses through

online sessions with leadership from key businesses as well as the heads of HR

and Corporate Brand and Communications. Each Intern was assigned a ‘Buddy” – a

senior alumni from the same business team - to be a mentor and support, so

essential in the initial days. In addition, personal calls were arranged with business

heads and HR partners to provide each intern an adequate overview of the

program and relevant guidelines.

Creative and

interesting engagement activities were next in line to ensure the ice was

broken and teams were built. Some ingenuous activities included:

  1. Gesture Challenge: Wednesday, 8th

    April was the day of the pre-boarding session where the summer interns learnt

    to effectively use the online platforms. A light hearted gesture challenge at

    the end of the session put all of them in the right positive frame of mind for

    their next few weeks at RIL.

  2. Twinning day: Monday, the13th April

    was “twinning day” - interns got to plan twinning outfits with one colleague in

    the batch

  3. Props day: Tuesday, 14th April was ‘props

    day’ when our interns joined an interactive session with their alumni while

    wearing fun props

  4. Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Interns were

    divided into teams to playa ‘virtual scavenger hunt’ with a list of tasks to be

    completed. People got glimpses of eachother’s daily life during WFH through this


Sufficiently charged and excited about their internships,

the summer interns have now plunged into their daily routines. The eight week

programme has been well adapted to the online environment with adequate

protocols for access and data security and governance.

The program itself has been revamped to be remote friendly

with charters shared with each intern and pre-defined weekly connects

established. The program has also incorporated gamified learning and engagement

modules to make work and learning more interesting. Adequate governance through

regular check-ins and surveys and working with assessment partners for online

assessment and Pre Placement Offers have also been incorporated to make it a

completely functional internship programme.

RIL teams feel satisfied they managed to create this

comprehensive online internship programme in such a short time through sheer

hard work and resolve. The initial relief at finding their internships were not

withdrawn, and then the delight on the faces of the young interns as they

started the programme, have been just rewards.

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