The ‘MP3” technology is known as revolutionary change in the audio industry. ‘MP3” technology is  formally known as “MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3”.

The brand new name of MP3 format was given as “.mp3” file extension on 14th July in 1995. Before the invention of MP3, peopel used to listen music on a compact disk. A single three minute song on compact disk consumes about 32MB and a single second corresponds to approximately 1,76,000 bytes of data in the mid-1990s.

At that time Personal Computers to have a total hard drive capacity of only 500MB so it was impossible to store a music album on a computer. Even the internet speed was also so law that it was consuming one day for transformation of one music album via internet.

Audio engineer teams using the “perceptual” compression method to eliminate more than  90 percent of the data in a standard CD audio file without compromising sound quality.

With the new technology invented songs took up only 2-3 MB to generate rather than 32 MB. The new technology is helpful to save large amount of songs on pc and also easy to transfer music via internet.