Police officers from Gujarat gets training in radiological emergencies

It’s a training worth needed when you are into the service of people to save them in every situation. Radiation is one such situation in the time of any calamity which has to be tackled immediately to stop it’s after effects on people and future generations.
The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) is conducting traning camps for the police officers all across the country in association with NDMA related to radiological emergency. The aim is to make them prepared to handle such emergency as they are first one to respond to any calamity and accidents.
One such training recently concludes at Vadodara where police officers from all across the country, including 11 from Gujarat  finished a training related to radiological emergency at Jarod camp of 6 NDRF Battalion at Vadodara. The scientists of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre gives training to the police officers on MRDS ( Mobile Radiation Detection System) training organized by 6 Bn  NDRF at their Jarod camp.
“There are three types of radiations Alpha, Beta and Gamma, out of which the last one is dangerous to handle. If not controlled in time the rays have more dangerous after effects on future generations. Total 45 officers took part in the training programme and maximum representatives are from Gujarat. During this training  knowledge of different Radiological Emergency are given to the participants and later equipments were given to them for practical and simulated scenarioes created in campus of NDRF at Jarod,” said R.K. Mishra Deputy commandant PRO, NDRF.
The training is necessary for the policemen as they are the first one to respond in any emergency. The topics covered are transport accident carrying radioactive source, RDD explosion, nuclear weapon detonated at ground level and techniques for identification of radiation source.
“Police officials were give live training by using radiation source available with NDRF unit headquarter for training purposes. Radiation  Source hided in exercise ground /buildings and equipments were given to the participants to detect. As soon as equipments get the radiation the monitor started beeping and sound with reading in respective radiation unit. BARC Official also brought some equipments with them for the training purpose,” said Mishra.
Dr S. Murali. Dr Ramesh yadav, Dr Rupali, NDMA Consultant S.K. Garai and other faculty conducted the entire program. Out of the 11 officers from Gujarat three are of Vadodara attended the all important training about the radiations emergency.
During the Valedictory session R.S. Joon Commandant NDRF 6 BN, said this training will be a Force Multiplier and a good future coordination will be established. Dr S Murli All india Radiation Head Safety approached all the participants for their interest and dedication towards new assignment if needed in future.


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