Residents caught a thieve and thrashed him in Vadodara


Residents of nearby residential area of Piramita road in Vadodara caught one thief and thrashed him red and blue. The incident happened in full afternoon where people rushed to see the thrashing and shocked to know that the accused tried to enter the houses in such time.

As per the available details people passing from Piramita road in Rajmahal road area of the city got anxious after saw a crowd thrashing someone in full afternoon. Reaching near they came to know that the people beat the alleged thief tried to break-in inside the nearby houses.

As per the sources two unknown youths entered two houses and while attempting the third house the locals caught them. One of them managed to flee but the people caught one of them and beat him red and blue. Everyone is thrashing the accused as the area witness theft incidents for the last couple of days.

Later they handover the accused to the police.


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