We often get bored in long bus journeys as there are no options available to kill the time. People sometimes read books or listening to songs in their mobile phones and i pods but that also not enough to provide the perfect solution of the boredom. Some tried to get online on their mobile phones but not get the best connectivity inside the moving bus and choose to be sleepy.

However a group of youngsters in Gujarat came up with a great idea to help the passengers kill their boredom by providing them tablets on board journey. The 7 inch tabs are equipped with preloaded entertainment programmes along with earphones and chargers to help the user maintain his privacy without disturbing others. The interested passenger just has to pay a mere 100 rupees for the tab and enjoy the journey.


The idea is the brain child of Shubham Jha founder of TABWAALA a moving travel entertainment system. The group recently attended the Sayaji Startup Summit in Vadodara and won it and also get the funding for their project. The project is now running at the Surat Pune route and after the investment the team is planning to introduce in the other routes.

“We started Tabwaala three months ago with the basic idea to provide entertainment to the passengers on board the long bus journey from Surat to Pune. The tabs we given to them are pre loaded with entertainment programmes and movies which help them to kill their boredom during the journey. We also provide them earphones and chargers along with the tab to maintain their privacy without disturbing others. The fees is just 100 rupees for one way journey and the positive response from the passengers boost our confidence to get going,” said Shubham Jha.


Started three months back with five members two founders, two business and one delivery person Tabwaala is now get the funds to spread their business. The founder Shubham Jha left his studies midway to achieve his dreams against the odds and finally able to convince everyone including his family.

“I left my B.Tech midway in Delhi and push myself to pursue my dream of startup business. Earlier I was working with a travel company as a tour guide and there often visited places in bus journey. During the journey I found people get bored as there was no pastime available inside the bus to kill their time. That thing gave me the idea to start the thing. I came up with the idea to start providing tabs to the passengers on rent to kill their time. I uploaded the idea online on ‘e spark viridian ventures’ who built ideas for good projects and from there my journey starts,” said Jha.


Fighting all odds Shubham started the project from Surat and after getting the good response he took part in the Sayaji Startup Summit and won it along with the finance for his project. “I belonged to a middle class family and my parents are initially against my decision of left studies for start up business. With my savings of 30,000 I purchased 10 tabs and begin renting out on Surat-Pune route as my family shifted and settled in Surat. The response was good and i finally able to convince my family and after I won the Summit and get finance for my project they accepted it and support me,” said Jha.

The 7 inch tab they provide to the passengers is pre loaded with entertainment programmes and movies which they can enjoy during their journey. “I start the project from Surat initially on the Surat and Pune route where we rent out tabs to the travelling passengers of every age. On minimal fees of just 100 rupees they get the tab with pre installed entertainment programmes along with high quality movies. All the programmes are legally downloaded in the tab memory after getting the official permissions of the respective websites. We also provide them the earphones and chargers to charge the tabs if necessary en route the journey,” said Jha.


To save the tabs from getting stolen they attached them with a chain from the seat and the passengers just have to handover them to the collection team waiting at the destination stop. The group is now planning to extend and spreading to the other routes in coming days.

“Started with a initial investment of 30,000 we now get 10 lakhs investment after won the Sayaji start up Summit in Vadodara. Now we plan to purchase 10 more tabs and grow with 15 tabs monthly. We are also in talks with the GSRTC for start the concept in their buses. We are also plan to start on other routes in the state like Surat Ahmedabad and Surat Mount Abu,” said Jha.



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