Remote control operated kite a attraction at the International kite festival in Vadodara


Uttarayan the festival of colorful kites, music, Undhiyu, sweets and friends is few days away and people are ready with their kites and strings.


However the joyful festival brings pain for the feathered ones who get injured in the deadly strings and many died every year. The birds specially pigeons confused to fly in the two days of kite flying and tangled themselves in the deadly manja which caused their death.


As technology is improving day by day a group from Surat ‘Dreamz’ comes up with a brilliant idea to fly kites without cause any harm to the flying birds. They designed a remote control operated kite which fly in the sky like a normal kite with the help of a remote control and also can be controlled with a mobile phone.


The remote control operated kite is displayed for the first time in International kite festival in Vadodara and quite a crowd puller there. The brain behind the idea Nitesh Lakum a electrical engineer said he designed the kite as a hobby and displayed here at the festival for the first time.


“The mechanism is simple just like the remote control operated plane. We used the simple motor in the kite and operate it with the help of remote control. The kite also can be controlled with a mobile phone with GPS and a specially designed application patent by us,” said Lakum and his team of ‘Dreamz’.


The idea behind designing such a kite is to help the birds to fly during Uttarayan. The kite is totally handmade using cloth and glass rods. “We often see that birds get injured during Uttarayan with the deadly sharp string helping the kite to fly. So as a part of the project we ‘Dreamz’ team designed the kite fly without any string and hence the bird can safely fly. Secondly the kite can fly if there is no air and finally with LED lights installed it can glow in the night and can be a very decorative piece of art,” said Lakum.


However he said that the kite is purely non commercial as of now as they just want to show it here at the festival as a part of their hobby. The kite is quite a attraction at the festival and people inquired about the way it fly in the air.





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