Relocated slum dwellers of Sanjaynagar in Vadodara reached the site office on Monday afternoon and went into heated arguments with the officials there at the contractor’s office. They are demanding the payment of promised 2000 rs rent per month unpaid for last three months. The irked residents resorted to heavy stone pelting at the site and also went into heated arguments with the police after they tried to calm the situation. Many media persons are also injured while they reached the spot to cover the news.

It’s the ugly turn of events at the said 2000cr scam Sanjaynagar site in Vadodara being in news for quite some time. On Monday the relocated slum dwellers reached the contractor office demanding to pay their dues as promised. The matter took ugly turn as they went into heated arguments with the people present there and many resorted to stone pelting at the office. Police also reached the spot to calm the situation but the slum dwellers also argued with them. However the matter further worsened as they resorted to heavy stone pelting injuring many including media persons present there to cover the news.

As part of the slum free campaign the VMC demolished the Sanjay Nagar slum and promised to give 2000 per month as monthly rental to them and also the houses in decided time frame. The VMC assigned the work to the company but failed to give the rental to the relocated slum dwellers in time. As per the sources the corporation promised to give them the rental on morning of 5th March but failed and that irked the people and they went into heated arguments and heavy stone pelting at the site.

As the matter get more intense police use power and lathicharged on the angry crowd. No officials from the VMC was seen during the time where the angry relocated slum dwellers resorted to heavy stone pelting and clashed with the police and contractors men.