Relief efforts by IAF in COVID 19

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Relief efforts by IAF in COVID 19

Bringing Oxygen containers from different countries to India

An Indian Air Force IL-76 is bringing 2 cryogenic oxygen containers from Jakarta, Indonesia to Jamnagar and another one is transporting 3 containers from Singapore to Panagarh.


One C-17 is bringing 2 oxygen generators from Bordeaux, France to Hindan and another C17 is transporting 4 oxygen containers from Amsterdam to Panagarh.

Within India, an IAF C17 airlifted 4 oxygen tankers from Nagpur to Bhubaneswar, 4 from Vijaywada to Bhubaneswar, 2 from Lucknow to Ranchi, 2 from Bhopal to Ranchi and 2 from Yelahanka to Bhubaneswar.

C-17s are in the process of transporting 4 oxygen tankers from Chandigarh to Ranchi, 2 from Agra to Jamnagar, 3 from Hindan to Bhubaneswar, 4 from Gwalior, Bhopal and Chennai to Ranchi and Jamnagar and 6 from Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar.

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