Record of successfully attempt of 50 hours non stop cooking


Rajeshwari Singh founder of I India and a avid cook successfully attempt the Guinness World Record as well as Limca Book of Records for cooking non stop for 50 hours. Such is her enthusiasm that she extend it for one more hour and now she will attempt 51 hours instead of 50 hours cooking marathon called Cookathon.

Under the careful eyes and guidance of physiotherapist Dr. Palak Brahmbhatt Shah she started on 16th February and successfully completed 50 hours on 18th evening with making 242 dishes and counting in three days. The energy and the ability to cook is only because of the time to time monitoring by the physiotherapist.

20170218_170256_resized“As she needs rest in between cooking on 16th the first day she took two breaks of half n hour and on 17th she needs maximum rest so took 5 to 6 short breaks in between. On 17th night she need some care of physical fitness and after that she is non stop and attempt tbe record successfully. My work is to taking care of her physical fitness and I am giving her coconut water, carbohydrates, protein rich food, electrolyte. I also wrapped a crack bandage after two hours and give rest to her limbs. I also monitoring her blood circulation in the lower limbs and legs as she used to move around and no time to sit. I also give her and recommend for stretching and mobility exercise for the whole body. I also check her BP and Pulse in between to access her health,” said Shah. She also added that after a power nap on the first day she just continue her work and in between brief dozing.

Rajeshwari attempt the record in order to create a name for herself as a first woman to cook in the world continuously for 50 hours and also to collect money for her project based on giving a platform to the housewives of India and make them empowered.

Rajeshwari Singh from Vadodara attempt the record starting from Thursday and cooking non stop for 50 hours and make various delicacies popular in all across India. In between she took five minutes break as the rule allowed under monitoring of the physiotherapist.

Presently the record is in the name of Benjamin Perry from USA who cooked for 40 hours. Now Rajeshwari Singh successfully attempt and break the record.

Rajeshwari Singh is attempting the record for reasons to promote herself and the country, world record, promote Indian culture and raising funds for her project for housewives.

The dishes Rajeshwari make is videographed and documented and now they will send to the record committee for claim.



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