Funds raised will be utilized to help underprivileged cancer patients to access quality healthcare

Second year in succession the HCG foundation organises ‘Ratri After Navratri’ to collect funds for the cancer patients. The event will be on 19th October and the foundation hopes to collect around 25lakhs rupees for the benefit of the patients.

This year too HCG Foundation organise the garba event to raise funds through donations towards helping economically marginalized cancer patients. The“Ratri After Navratri” with Gautam Dabir is to help underprivileged cancer patients access quality cancer care under the experts at HCG Cancer Centre, Vadodara.

On an average, more than 1,300 Indians succumb to the dreaded disease every day. With new cancer cases or its incidence in India estimated to grow by 25% by 2020.  According to Indian Council of Medical Research, cancer has become one of the major causes of death occurring in the country. The positive aspect Is that the survival rate Is Increasing because of awareness and advancement ln technology. But, accessibility and affordability play crucial role in continuation of cancer treatment.

Dr. Rajlv Bhatt Director HCG Cancer Centre, Vadodara said “Cancer is rising and this is the right time to act against it. We wanted to create awareness and thus we choose Navratri as the occasion. HCG has aided cancer treatment of many underprivileged patients and wlll continue to do so, but your support will ensure that more young lives can be saved. My urge Garba lovers Is to participate with great enthuslasm, as this will give a new hope to a whole family. This year we hope to collect 25 lakhs fund for the patients. Last year we collect 12 lakhs funds and use it to treat 41 cancer patients’.

The‘Ratri After Navratri” has been organized to ensure everyone get quality cancer care. The cause is being supported by ONGC, Bank of Baroda, Neptune Reality Group, GACL, BITA, OPAL, Reliance, Red FM, The branding ants, Kala Niketan, Omorfos.

Folk singer Gautam Dabir said ‘I am privileged to be a part of ‘Ratri After Navratri’ organized by the HCG foundation. | support this noble cause wholeheartedly. Your pass purchase will be a small contribution towards this his cause and this navratri, let us all dance for a cause’.


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