The original Roadie, known for his stellar performances as well as his love for action and adventure, Rannvijay Singh Singha, recently spoke about his love for poker at the IPC Awards hosted by The Spartan Poker. Talking about the sport, he said, “Poker is a mind-sharpening sport, I know poker players whoare as fit as a basketball or football player because just like any sport, poker also requires utmost discipline and dedication. Serious poker players usually practice yoga or meditate while also maintaining a fit lifestyle. I am a very competitive person, so I am always focused when playing a match. While the sport is not given its due, I think the team at The Spartan Poker is doing a fabulous job at spreading awareness about it especially with initiatives like the IPC Awards.”

When asked about his most fun memory while playing poker with his friends, he said, “Every time I play with my friends is a fun time, we make new memories each time and I enjoy it all a lot. So, there’s not one particular incident or time when it was more fun, its always fun, there’s banter, catching-up and lots of happy faces whenever we catch-up over a game of poker.”

Recently, during a popular chat show, Aamir Khan admitted that his guilty pleasure is playing pokerwhen Rannvijay heard about it he said, “I would love to play a hand with Aamir, I wish we play soon.” And when quizzed about the expected outcome of the game, he added, “I am sure the outcome will be positive, in the sense that I will either learn or I will win!” Now that’s something to look forward to, Mr. Perfectionist (Aamir Khan) versus Mr. Competitive (Rannvijay Singh Singha).



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