One organiser cancel the first day other will decide on Sunday

Rains finally put brakes on this year Garba in Vadodara as the venues are waterlogged and slushy. Ambalal Park one of the popular venue decide to postpone the first day as the ground is not found suitable for the Garba. Other venues in the city is facing the same problems and tries to prepare the ground in time.

This year the rain pours to fullest in the city and there seems to be no signs of any respite in coming days. The popular Navratri festival is also eyeing hard times as the grounds are waterlogged and slushy due to continuous rains and the organisers are find it difficult to repair it in time.

As rains are scheduled to hit on Sunday the organisers are in delima to organise or postpone as the grounds are not ready in time. Some of the organisers already decide not to organise the Garba on the first day and others will decide on Sunday based on the situation. With continuous rains the decorations are not completed as grounds are filled with water and become slushy.

The news bring disappointment for the Garba players as they make preparations for days to enjoy the nine nights of traditional Navratri festival. In such situation many feel that Sheri garbas will be in full flow this time and enthusiasts can enjoy the festival.


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