Heavy rains throws normal life out of gear in Vadodara


Last evening around 2 inches of rains disrupted the life of Vadodians as they stuck up in knee deep water and traffic. The very heavy rains strike Vadodara late in the evening resulting in water logging everywhere and even the main roads are also waterlogged which disrupt the traffic and one can see long ques of vehicles stuck up one after another.

Till yesterday the city received less then normal rainfall and all are waiting for the rain gods to bless the city. However the prayers were answered on Friday evening as very heavy rains lashed the city instantly and put the normal life out of gear.

Areas like Raopura, Dandiya Bazaar, Ajwa Road, Manjalpur, Kashivishwanath temple, Sayajigunj, Alkapuri, Vadsar, Danteshwar, Chhani, Gotri, Maneja, Waghodia road everywhere its waterlogging. Evening commuters stuck in the sudden heavy rains and due to waterlogging the traffic at circles and other areas also increased and long ques of vehicles were seen stuck in it.

Various incidents of short circuit and power failure also were reported from various areas. Report of one person died due to electrocution inside the Kamatibaug after came in contact with the live wire.

As heavy rains throws the normal life out of gear people and hostelites were seen enjoying the spell of rain. Vadodara city received 52 mm in two hours.


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