From Gauge Conversion and doubling and yard remodelling under traffic facilities, Vadodara division get the works included in the budget 2017-18. The DRM said that many important works are assigned in this year budget like gauge conversion, Vadodara Godhra Ahmedabad route segregation, platform extensions and many more.

The works included in the budget 2017-18 includes the gauge conversion and doubling including the extension upto Kevadia. “Total six gauge conversion projects were sanctioned from Dabhoi Chanod to Kevadia, Samni Jambusar, Jambusar Vishwamitri, Samlaya Timba road, Nadiad Petlad, Petlad Bhadran and one doubling of the tracks at Anand Godhra stretch. Due to Statue of Unity the Dabhoi Chanod gauge is extend upto Kevadia,” said A.K. Singh DRM Vadodara division.


Among the others are route segregation of Vadodara Yard segregation of Ahmedabad and Godhra for independent movements. Increase of coaches, platform extensions and speed increase.

“We take the work of route segregation of Vadodara Ahmedabad Godhra for independent movements of trains in this budget. The coach of Memu trains will be increased to 16 from 12 and also there is a project of platform extensions, raising platforms and cover sheds in 9 stations. One of the most important is to upgrade the tracks on Delhi Mumbai route for the trains to run at 160kms where the passengers will reach their destination in 12 hours,” said Singh.