Rahul Jadhav a resident of Mumbai is on a mission to spread awareness about addiction and restart a new life by running from Mumbai to Delhi. A recovered addict from Muktangan Rehabilitation Centre in Pune is on a solo run named “De-Addiction Ultra Run” from Gateway of India to India Gate in Delhi covering a distance of 1480 kms in 17 days. He reached Vadodara on Wednesday  warmly welcomed by Kripa foundation.

Rahul Ramakant Jadhav is a perfect example of reformation, from a heavy alcohol addict to a marathon runner achieving many feats. An average student from Dombivli he lived a simple middle-class life with his family.  Due to circumstances, Rahul became an alcohol addict and the social stigma, resentment from family and friends and his inability to express himself not let him completely recover.

His family decided to admit him to Muktangan, a de-addiction centre in Pune run by Dr. Anil Awchat and his daughter Mukta Puntambekar. At Muktangan, Rahul not only made friends but also was able to discover and hone his skill to run. Initially he started running for an hour which gradually increased his stamina and started to cover longer distances. As he practiced more he realised that he enjoyed running as it helped him to release all his anger and feelings and feel happy and complete within. Rahul started to regularly take part in marathon’s across Pune and Mumbai and since has never stopped. He has completed 22 marathon run’s and 3 solo runs over the last 4 years.

On his run towards Delhi Rahul reached Vadodara city on Wednesday with his team. Accompanied by a support team of a doctor, a physiotherapist and the awareness group from Muktangan, Rahul covers at least an average distance of 80 – to 90 kms per day across 18 cities between Mumbai and New Delhi. The awareness team plans to reach out to the local rehabilitation centres in these cities and spread the message of stay healthy through running’ and ‘say no to addiction’.

Rahul’s journey from an addict to a reformer was not an easy one. Often after completing his month-long rehabilitation time, he would go back home to live a normal life. But his past and the alcohol addiction stops him to start afresh. It was a challenge for him to operate normally as the resentment from society, neighbours, friends and relatives bogged him down.

During one of his visits to Muktangan, Rahul and his mentor friends discussed possibilities of how he could engage himself with some livelihood that could keep him busy and thus he decided to start working at Muktangan. He took up odd jobs at the Rehabilitation centre.  He not only made friends at Muktangan but was able to discover his liking and ability to run with a good stamina.

Gradually Rahul started running longer hours and unknowingly was prepared to run marathons. His first run was in Jan 2016, a 10 km marathon in Pune organised by Run Buddies, a social group of runners, which he completed in 54 minutes and 57 seconds. After this achievement, Rahul regularly participated in runs and marathon and since then has never looked back.

In Rahul’s words “Running is the positive addiction I have imbibed at Muktangan. It is my only high in life and now through my new feats I will continue to spread the message of ‘run for a healthy lifestyle”.

Late Dr. Anita Awachat and Dr. Anil Awachat founded Muktangan Rehabilitation Centre on August 29th, 1986. Muktangan Rehabilitation Centre provides homely and caring atmosphere which is conducive and necessary for its inhabitants to recover.

Muktangan Mitra has achieved the status of being one of the best institutes in the field of Drugs & Alcohol de-addiction and is the only institute with ISO 9001:2008 certification. Muktangan has a capacity to cater to over 120 residential clients. Its treatment module is of 30 days residential stay and on completion of the same, there is a regular follow up, for which the centre has a strong network of follow up centres all over Maharashtra.


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