Rahul Gandhi creates controversy over his statement ‘Aisa Pakistan Main Hota Hai’

National Safety Day 2021

Congress President Rahul Gandhi while adressing a event at Chhatisgarh talks about current situation of judiciary in India and said “Aisa Pakistan me hota hai (such things happen in Pakistan)”. His remarks came after BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa took oath as next Chief Minister of Karnataka.

In the recently concluded Karnataka assembly elections the BJP fall short of majority but emerged as the single largest party of the state.

While speaking in Raipur, Gandhi attacked BJP, Modi and Amit Shah. He attacked without naming anyone and said a murder accused in leading tbe main national party of the country.

Gandhi was quoted as saying: “RSS is making way into all institutions in the country… Aisa Pakistan ya tanashahi mein hota hai… Haryana mein kaha gaya ki agar koi 8th ya 10th pass nahi hai toh woh panchayat ka chunav nahi lad sakta, yeh MPs aur MLAs ke baare kyun nahi kaha gaya? He also said about the constitution being attacked referring the example of Karnataka where one side there are MLAs standing and on the other side the Governor. He also talks about JD(S) who said its MLAs have been offered Rs 100 crore each.

Addressing ‘Jan Swaraj Sammelan’ in Raipur, Gandhi accused the BJP of capturing all institutions of the country. He also talked about the judiciary, press and BJP members of Parliament under fear while referring to a press conference called recently by four Supreme Court judges.


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