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Radiology department of Sayaji Hospital did free CT scan of almost all Covid patients

Radiology department of Sayaji Hospital did free CT scan of almost all Covid patients

Created a web page giving guidance on CT scan in Corona, More than 27800 digital x-rays of patients were taken

In the Corona crisis, almost all the departments of Sayaji Hospital have rendered uninterrupted services and made invaluable contribution in saving the lives of the patients including the radiology department.

The special thing is that this department functioning under the leadership of Dr. Chetan Mehta, done free CT scans of corona patients and whose HRCT needed to be tested. The department provided uninterrupted services in both waves of Corona and still continue.

The department has also created a guiding web page to clear people's confusion about the unavoidable need for a CT scan in Corona.

Expressing the feeling that the speedy and timely treatment of Corona patients increases the speed of recovery. Dr. Chetan Mehta said that X-rays and chest CT scans are very useful in determining the exact treatment protocol for patients with this disease.

Correspondingly, the Department of Radiology, set up a special team under the leadership of Dr. Bhautik Kapadia and this team has rendered continuous services in times of crisis. Administrative Nodal Officer for Corona Treatment Dr. O.B. Belim said that the team provided uninterrupted and dedicated services round the clock which is very commendable.

The department has taken digital X-rays of more than 27,800 patients in the covid crisis. Determination of the damage to the patient's lungs from the corona is necessary for accurate treatment. At a time when the corona is at the peak, the department has done HRCT of 30 to 40 patients daily and give report of Chest reporting in about 10 minutes has made quick treatment easier.

There is a lot of confusion about when to get a CT scan, whether to get it and what the CT scan score indicates. Regarding this, under the guidance of the doctors of this department, the resident Dr. Sachin who has been working here for three years, has made a unique contribution by creating a very useful guide web page This web page provides easy guidance in a language that can be understood by the common man.

Private Institutions charge around 2500 for C.T. Chest and wait for the report, but this test is offered to private patients at a reduced rate of Rs.1150 by the department and the report is given in 10 minutes.

Sonography is also performed in this department but it is rarely required in the treatment of corona. In rare cases, sonography has to be performed in the recent past when a patient has undergone surgery on a stomach or body part and then they become corona positive and to know the condition of delicate organs of the corona positive child patient. It becomes easy due to the availability of compact and portable sonography devices.

The fight against covid is a collective challenge and coordination of all departments and teamwork saves the lives of patients. Sayaji's radiology department is contributing with due diligence in this joint struggle.

Corona is followed by the epidemic of mucormycosis. The radiology department of Sayaji Hospital is actively contributing in its diagnosis and treatment. The department has so far done an important job in accurately identifying the disease by performing approximately 70 to 80 CT scans and 200 to 250 X-rays.

The state government has recently approved the upgraded state-of-the-art MRI machine department. This latest machine will be a sharp weapon in the diagnostic arsenal of the department and will be a blessing especially for the poor patients who cannot afford the expensive private facility.

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