Radiation Safety officer of Sayaji hospital get into top five position in the competition of SAARC countries


Participated in a competition on planning an advanced machine for the treatment of breast cancer

Kriti Harania, a Radiation safety officer and medical physicist who has been working in the radiation oncology department
of Sayaji Hospital for the last one and a half years, has achieved a very unique achievement.

She has bagged into top five position among approximately 16 thousand candidates of SAARC countries in the breast cancer treatment planning competition on advanced machine. She is the youngest of the winning competitors.

Expressing happiness over her achievement, Dr. Anil Goyal, Head of the Department, said that the work has enhanced the pride of Gujarat Health Department and Sayaji Hospital.

Kriti operates a state-of-the-art machine for the treatment of cancer cells by Radiation in the radiation oncology department of the Sayaji hospital and organizes quality regulation and treatment in this work. This is a very sensitive operation in which only cancerous cells are treated with radiation by protecting other healthy organs and cells with the help of software under the treatment planning system.

Dr. Anil further added that such skilled and qualified persons should be permanently appointed as presently she is serving on contract basis.


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