Officer on Special Duty Officer and Education Secretary Dr. Vinod Rao said that as part of Gotri Hospital’s covid treatment facilities, a new initiative has taken by the administration to create a Quick Response Treatment Center. This center will be an excellent center for immediate treatment of covid.

Dr. Rao gave detailed information to Yogesh Patel, Minister of State for Narmada Development and MP, MLAs, Mayor and office bearers who visited the center.

With this centre, any patient coming for treatment, whether in an ambulance or in a private vehicle, does not have to wait for treatment, does not have to deal with delays and treatment can be started immediately.

Approximately 150 to 200 oxygen concentrators that absorb oxygen from the air without a bottle and oxygen through a jumbo cylinder will be arranged for all the beds in the center. There is also a pipeline for oxygen. Arrangements will be enhanced as required.

Dr. Rao indicated that patients would be admitted to the 250-bed emergency treatment center by late tonight on Saturday. He said 700 patients are admitted against the 750 beds currently operating at Gotri. With the increase in number of beds from this new center to 250, the total capacity will be 1 thousand beds.

An arrangement of another 100 beds is being prepared. Thus a total of 1100 bed treatment facility will be available at Gotri.


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