Guru Dr. Sharad Pandya gives a special performance

Every year 29th April is celebrated as “World Dance Day” with events and festivals held on the day by various institutes and organisations. “Purva School of Bharatanatyam” under the guidance of Dr. Guru Sharad Pandya also celebrate the day to gives a tribute to the god in the form of dance.

Sharad Pandya exponent of Bharatanatyam and founder-Director of “Purva School of Bharatanatyam” perform in the Sabha program divided in there parts. “A small demonstration and lecture followed by presentation of pieces of dance and some of my choreographies by my disciples and a performance by myself. All these three things put together was a way of celebrating world dance day, which is internationally celebrated on 29th April, as recognized by UNESCO,” said Pandya.

“Every day you dance is like worship to the God. For me to dance is to offer my humble regards to the God. And I dance for myself. I was very happy that my disciples, their parents, friends, relatives and art lovers of Vadodara have appreciated the performance, ” said Dr. Guru Sharad Pandya.




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