Protestors stopped goods train in Vadodara


Dalit groups in Vadodara protest and disrupt traffic in various areas of the city. They also reached the railway tracks and tried to stop the trains to raise their protest against the government decision of making changes in the SC ST act.

Dalit groups called for a Bharat Bandh on Monday against the decision of making changes in the SC ST act. In Vadodara they took out rallies, disrupt traffic and aggressively protest in various areas. If that’s not all they empties a garbage van on the road as part of their protest. People have to face many difficulties after the roads were jammed by the protestors.

The protestors then reached railway station and stopped two goods train heading towards Ahmedabad. The police and RPF succeed to convince the crowd to move away from the tracks before the Ernakulam Okha Superfast express. The protestors then reached to stop ST bus as part of their protest.


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