On Friday concerned citizens of Vadodara gathered at Yavateshwar compound on the bank of Vishwamitri river to raise their protest against the illegal dumping and damaging the wildlife. They request the concerned authorities to stop the work immediately or else they have to turn up on roads to raise their protest.

Social activist Rohit Prajapati and other activists turned up at the spot and raised their objections against the work by the Municipal Corporation. They said the work is all illegal and they are violating the rules.

“Already major irreversible damage has been done to the Vishwamitri River and is still continuing despite repeated requests and meetings with them. The current work, on the pretext of the bridge, is destroying the habitats of the crocodile currently during its breeding season, other Schedule I species, and the river ecosystem as a whole. Damage is also being done to the heritage structures (Ghats) as well, at the Kala Ghoda Bridge, very much in the channel of and along the Vishwamitri River,” said Prajapati.

He also request all the concerned authorities to immediately direct the Vadodara Municipal Corporation to stop all illegal activity at the Kala Ghoda Bridge and also all other activities in and along the Vishwamitri River and the riverine environment as a whole.

“We urge the concerned authorities to prosecute any / all concerned departments / authorities / parties that are engaged in the above stated illegal activities. Not doing so is in violation of the Environment laws, applicable interim orders, legal directions, and judgments. All concerned authorities, departments, and parties may have to face legal action,” said Prajapati.



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