Property disputes are one of the reason which draw lines between every relations and sometimes the matter went out of hands. Such a incident happened in Vadodara when the property dispute forced the last rights of a old lady on hold and the police had to intervene. To put the end to the arguments the police finally helped the relatives of the old lady to perform her last rights inside electrical pyre.

As per the details 84 years old lady resident of Pratapgunj was admitted in the mental hospital for the last 30 years for treatment. On 21st December 2017 she was transferred to the SSG hospital where on 1st of January she died during treatment. The old lady property dispute case is in the court and they depute the mental hospital Superintendent as her legal guardian till the matter resolve.

The superintendent writes a letter to the hospital to handover the body to the legal property manager. However the other relatives also claimed the body which forced the superintendent to change it and he write the letter to karelibaug Police station Police Inspector to intervene. He also requests them to take the decision in the matter and legally handover the body to the descendants.

The Karelibaug police then under the guidelines of joint commissioner Kesarisinh Bhati sent the letter to the superintendent of the mental hospital and asked him to take the decision as the legal order. In between all the disputes finally on Thursday the old lady was cremated inside Khaswadi crematorium with police bandobast and presence of legal advisors.



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