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Prof. Dmitry Korzun deliver a week long lecture series under Endowed Chair

Prof. Dmitry Korzun deliver a week long lecture series under Endowed Chair

“Internet of Things” (IoT) is the buzzword of this era in the area of Computer Science and Information Technology. As the Internet of Things is expanding, high speed data processing, analytics and shorter response times are becoming more necessary these days. Meeting these requirements is difficult through the current Cloud-based model, but can be made possible through “Fog Computing”.

Considering the importance of these technologies, U & P U. Patel Department of Computer Engineering, CSPIT, CHARUSAT has invited Prof. Dmitry Korzun, from Saint Petersburg State University, Russia under Endowed Chair for one week lecture series on IoT and Fog Computing during 3rd – 8th July 2017.

The Programme aims at providing an opportunity for participants to enrich their knowledge and skills in exploring various solutions to solve engineering problems in the society. This program serves as a platform for research scholars, faculty members, engineers and students to interact on cutting edge technologies in IoT and Fog Computing.

On 3rd July 2017, during the opening ceremony, Dr. Amit Ganatra, Dean of Faculty of Technology and Engineering (FTE), welcomed Prof. Dmitry Korzun, other dignitaries and participants from all over Gujarat. Dr. Atul Patel, Dean, Faculty of Computer Science & Applications and Prof. Parth Shah, Head, Information Technology Department graced the occasion.

Prof. Dmitry Korzun is working as an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science of Saint Petersburg State University, Russia since 2003. He also acts as Vice-Dean for Research at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology in the same university since 2014.

His research interests include analysis and evaluation of distributed systems, discrete modeling, ubiquitous computing and smart spaces, Internet of Things, software engineering, algorithm design and complexity, linear Diophantine analysis and its applications, theory of formal languages and parsing. More than 150 research and educational works have been published by him since 1997.

In his lectures during this week, Prof. Dmitry will discuss about present and future of IoT and Fog Computing applications. He aims not only to talk about latest trends or developments in these technologies but will also provide future directions to young researcher and practitioners.

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