Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone recently attended the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, Met Gala 2017 which happens every Monday on the first Monday of May. There are a few photos of this event that will not let your eyes go else. Priyanka and Deepika will screwed up the beauty and they show the evidence in these pictures.

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Priyanka and Deepika are the first Bollywood actress to be part of this MET Gala. Between Priyanka and Deepika, the comparison will start once again and this time you will not be able to choose any one of the two. Priyanka wore an over-sized Long Trench Court of Ralph Lauren Ensemble here. The hair tip top notch and metallicincome make-up and silver statement holographic earings gave the perfect tip to their look. And we liked our Boots Choice for footwear.

Deepika made her look Silk, Ivory slip dress style gown, Deepika was looking amazing. Deepika has done this beautifully designed toffee with Tommy Hilfiger. With Dangling Diamond Earring and Silver Hair Ascery, Deepika has paid special attention to her income make-up. Nude Lips and center-based hairstyle have been very nice.

unnamed (3)

This Metropolitan Museum of Art has been formed since 1995. Which was formally opened by Michelle Obama in 2014. This year’s event is called Met Gala, which includes all Jessica Parker, Tori Birch, Jack Poznan and many other slabs.



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