For the 22nd October programme the preparations are in full swing and the  local administration is not taking any chances.

The Navlakhi ground where Prime Minister Narendra Modi will distribute the tricycles and other things to the Divyangs is also readied before the programme. The main stage is 80 foot long, 60 foot wide and of 7 foot height for the PM and other dignitaries.


For the expected 50,000 people including Divyangs three water proof domes of 1000 foot long and 332 foot wide is also coming up at the ground. In addition a ramp is also coming up for the Divyangs to reach on stage.

Arjun Parmar the Faraskhana owner said that they started the work of preparing domes and other arrangements from the very next day after Navratri. 400 workers are working day a night to complete the preparations and for the people including the Divyangs the work for completing the domes is under way for their sitting arrangements. The work is near completion and the stage and ramp will be ready before the 22nd October. The domes are like the ones prepared for the programme in Navsari.


R&B Deputy Engineer Hemang Shah said that the preparations is near completion and they make the arrangements just like that 50,000 people will sit inside. Inside the dome sitting arrangements for VIP and VVIP is there and a ramp is prepared for the 27 Divyangs to go on stage. Water and toilet facilities were also there for the people coming for the programme.

Supervisor of electricity department said that 1000 ceiling fans, 300 coolers were installed inside the domes and generator will be there for the electricity for the programme. The tricycles supervisor said 2500 tricycle, Motorise tricycles, C.P. Chair, Smart Can, Hearing aids and smart phones were arranged and right now the tricycles were placed on stage.


Apart from this the road preparations and other works are underway and all the respected department officials are taking stock of the situations round the clock.