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Preparations at dedicated covid hospitals in Vadodara for cyclonic situation

Preparations at dedicated covid hospitals in Vadodara for cyclonic situation

Uninterrupted supply of Oxygen, electric, fire safety and shifting of patients at Gotri QRT dome and relatives to safe places

Officer on Special Duty Dr. Vinod Rao had Video conference with Vadodara district Collector, Municipal Commissioner, Superintendent of Police, senior officers of VMC, Doctors of SSG and Gotri Hospitals regarding preparedness for Cyclonic situation.

Uninterrupted electric backup, fire safety, removal of obstruction on roads and other safety precautions were discussed. Also discussed about uninterrupted Oxygen supply from Jamnagar, Bhavnagar and Bharuch for next two-three days was also discussed during the meeting. Dr. Rao said that, this will be very crucial for Vadodara since they are dependent on Oxygen supply from High-Cyclone- risk districts.

Dr. Rao visited Gotri Hospital and review the situation. Total 478 Patients admitted there and as a precaution they vacated and shifted all 30 Patients from Quick Response Treatment Dome to Main Building. They also did review of precautions for uninterrupted Electrical and Oxygen supply along with fire safety. Their team will be active round-the-clock for any emergencies.

Dr. Rao also visited Yajnapurush Sabhagruh Atladra where 221 Patients are admitted. All safety precautions are taken and fire team is on stand by at the spot. DG set power backup is in place and sufficient diesel for 24 hours kept ready. Electric and Oxygen operators and Faraskhana people kept on stand-by.

He visited SSG Hospital where about . 550 Patients are admitted. He said, everything is fine at OPD and Coordination Centre. Visited the Waiting Dome for Relatives and in view of possible rains and heavy wind they are opening up Psychiatry Ward Building for use of relatives of Patients for next two days starting from Sunday night.

Dr. Rao also visited Samras Hospital where 368 Patients are admitted. Here too there are large number of relatives of Patients in waiting area. In view of cyclonic situation, for next two days they are creating temporary facility for Relatives at Polytechnic Hostel Mess.

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