Senior lawyer politician Prashant Bhushan remarks on Lord Krishna hurt the religious feelings of many including the Vaishnavs who worship Lord Krishna. In protest of the remarks the Samast Vaishnav Vanik Parivar in Vadodara.

“Romeo loved just one lady, while Krishna was a legendary eve teaser. Would (UP CM Yogi) Adityanath have the guts to call his vigilants Anti Krishna squads?” this is the tweet that Prashant wrote criticizing the ‘Anti Romeo’ drive in Uttar Pradesh.

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The tweet however creates controversy and protests are there from everywhere against the remarks. However he tried to damage control his remarks later by saying his remarks had been distorted and had no intentions to hurt religious sentiments.

On Tuesday, lawyer Prashant Bhushan apologize that he realise his tweet on Romoe Squads and krishna hurt sentiments of many people. Prashant Bhushan “I realise that my tweet on Romeo squads&Krishna was inappropriately phrased&unintentionally hurt sentiments of many ppl. Apologize&delete it”.

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Before this Tweet he tweeted a photo of Radha and Lord Krishna and caption it  “Tho I am not religious, my mother was. I grew up listening to the folklore of lord Krishna in childhood. Painting of Radha-Krishna in our home”.