Prajapati samaj in Vadodara burn the effigy of CM Vijay Rupani on Monday alleging him over his remarks of calling them Parchuran (Chillar) in one of his speeches. The members shouted slogans against the CM and burn his effigy which surprised the early job goers in the area. Police detained six of the members from the spot.

As per the details the Prajapati samaj allege that Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani calls them Parchuran in one of his speeches which they came to know from the daily vernaculars. Agitated with the same they protest and burn the effigy of him in Vadodara and shouted slogans against him.

“No one has the right to call any caste with such a language. We condemn the way CM calls our samaj as we are nothing to them. We are about 50lakhs in strength in Gujarat and protest today by burning his effigy in Vadodara. Also in coming elections we will not support the BJP and continue our protest,” said Paras Prajapati one of the members of Prajapati samaj in Vadodara.