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Prabhu meets PM, takes 'moral responsibility' for accidents

Prabhu meets PM, takes moral responsibility for accidents

Two major train accidents in last five days raise the safety issues in Uttar Pradesh. After Utkal Kalinga another train Kaifiyat express met with an accident after it knocked a trailer. With the two major accidents in five days Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu offered his resignation taking moral responsibility of the accidents. However his resignation was not accepted yet and PM advice him to wait.

After second accident of kaifiyat Express on Wednesday Suresh prabhu with the help of tweet express emotions and sympathy for victims of accident, he said " In less than three years as Minister, I have devoted my blood and sweat for the betterment of the Railways.

Under leadership of PM, tried 2 overcome decades of neglect thru systemic reforms in all areas leading 2 unprecedented investment& milestones.

New India envisioned by PM deserves a Rlys which is efficient and modern. I promise that is the path, on which Rlys is progressing now.

I am extremely pained by the unfortunate accidents, injuries to passengers and loss of precious lives. It has caused me deep anguish.

I met the Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi taking full moral responsibility. Hon’ble PM has asked me to wait..

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