Prabhas changed his physical appearance two times in the movie Bahubali 2 with the help of his trainer Laxman who was Mr. World during his time. Prabhas plays two characters in the film with different physical appearances. In Shivudu charcter he is in the weight of 86 to 88kgs while in the heavy Bahubali character he gained 105 kgs to fit the role.

Laxman Reddy won the title in 2010 and here in the movie he trained Prabhas to fit in both the roles. Reddy said that Prabhas has to build more muscles for the role of Bahubali and for his son Shivudu he has to look slim in the film. He said to change the body appearance is tough for Prabhas in the last four years. According to the fat percentage of the body of Prabhas the weight must be around 100kgs for the character of Bahubali. And for the other character he has to reduce his weight as well as to tone his body.
appearanceTalking about the daily routine of Prabhas the trainer said that after the whole day shoot he went through half n hour cardio. Prabhas followed a strict diet plan and stops every type of carbohydrates and for Shivudu the concentration is on more protein. Egg Whites, Chicken, Nuts, Badam, Fish and vegetables are included in his diet plan for the Shivudu character.

For the Bahubali character Paneer, Mutton and heavy carbohydrates were included in the food. In the evening for physical exercise Dead lift, Sqwates, Bench Press and other were involved. Prabhas love Biryani but he was given once in 20 days and also the trainer was strict for his demand of junk food. The trainer kept a watch on his food intake and exercise as per the demand of the roles.

Reddy further said that Prabhas followed the training and complete his exercise with discipline. Sometimes they have to wake up in midnight and went for exercise and Prabhas done all with dedication.


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