Yes you heard right the reason behind the well toned body of Bahubali alias Prabhas is the fondness of good food. Prabhas is crazy about good food and little knows that he has a special chef at his Hyderabad residence for this.

Prabhas very well known about the taste of is food and to fulfill his taste the special chef at his Hyderabad residence prepare variety of food for the actor.

As per the sources close to the actor Prabhas is fond of sea food in his diet and specially prawns is his favorite. The well toned of the ‘Bahubali Avtaar’ make every fan crazy about his physique.

Actor followed a strict fitness regime and increased his weight to 105kgs for the film. His chef helped him with his tasteful variety of dishes in the time.

For Bahubali the actor was told to follow the strict diet and training to get the strong body for the film. Prabhas kept aside every carbohydrates in his food and conectarte on Protein which include boiled eggs.

Prabhas performance in the film is well appreciated by the fans specially the females. The list of the female fans is long and they also send marriage proposals to Prabhas. Here we can say to all his female fans that surely the way to Prabhas heart went through his stomach.



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