Few days earlier Mahisagar police arrested the six accused for loot by showing the police DIG identity card to a provision store owner. The main accused Rajesh Vyas from Vadodara was brought to the city by the LCB police on Friday and they searched his house. During the search police recovered laptop, police uniform and suspicious documents of ONGC from his house.
DIGFew days earlier five accused in the name of DIG looted 14 lakhs from a businessman and escaped from there. Police after nakabandi arrested all the accused with the cash and jewellery and arrested six persons and found duplicate police I cards and revolver.
DIGThe main accused Rajesh Vyas is from Vadodara and the Mahisagar LCB police brought him to his house inside old remand home and where he work as a security guard there. During the search the team found laptop having some suspicious pictures, police uniform and some suspicious documents of ONGC from Inside.

Rajesh has a master’s degree in Sanskrit and how he get into this things he said he is mentally unstable and many times turned himself into police getup.