To make public aware about the police more and strengthening the relation between the two, a photographic exhibition ‘Police in Pixels’ start from Wednesday in Fine Arts Faculty of Vadodara.

The idea is to click the policemen in action and spread the word about their way of working and on duty. The photography exhibition also include the helping hands of the police like the horses, bikes, bands, bullet proof vehicles, weapons, helmets and others.

The contest is probably the first of its kind in the city where the pictures says the whole thing. The emotions, reflections and relations is highlighted in the pictures which the people click and selected for the exhibition. The picture says it all as the policemen on duty was clicked by the photographers showed their other side which people are not aware about generally.

“One Picture says it all and that is why we decide to organise such a competition where the people can click the pictures of police in action. Photographers are seen clicking the pictures of exhibitions, food festivals and other things but we never thought that police can also be clicked as a subject. The people can click the policemen on duty, interacting with people and other things in short in action. We want to show vibrant colours of Khaki and to capture the emotions of police. We also go for short films and also for curating a museum on the subject in future,” said Manoj Shashidhar Police Commissioner Vadodara.

The contest is divided into professional and press photographers, Amateurs and will continue till 10th March 2017. After the entered their is the scrutiny and best 30 plus pictures will be on display at the Fine Arts Faculty in Vadodara.

There are three categories Sepia, present amd FX where we display the past present and future of the police. Sepia where some historical photos of the police, present and then in FX we moved to digital Art tomorrow of photography. After the scrutiny the  best photographs is displayed in Fine Arts Faculty. An interesting selfie corner is also there at the exhibition where people can click pics with helmets and spread the message of safe driving.

After the exhibition the pics will be displayed at places in the form of mobile exhibition in schools and colleges.


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