DCP Surat Saroj Kumari felicitated for her work during the Covid pandemic situation

DCP Surat Saroj Kumari was felicitated for her work during the Covid pandemic situation. She was awarded under ‘Felicitation of Covid Women Warriors – The real heroes’ organised by National Commision for Women.

Corona pandemic is considered to be one of the most challenging crisis that the world ever faced after the second world war. People are almost blank to face it as it attacked so quickly that they don’t even get chance to know and take measures for their safety.

In such situation the doctors, medical staff, police, sanitation and health workers called as Corona warriors came to everyone’s rescue. They not only help us fight the pandemic but also risked their lives to save the mankind.

Here is a story of one such IPS officer from Gujarat cadre who worked along with her team during lockdown to help the needy and senior citizens fight the deadly Coronavirus. Saroj Kumari the then DCP administration of Vadodara city run police kitchen to feed the needy people and with Senior Citizen cell reached the elderly to provide them the family care during such challenging time.

During the corona crisis, a “Police Kitchen” has been set up at Vadodara City Police Headquarters, Pratap Nagar, to provide food to working, poor, slum dwellers, people living on the sidewalks and under bridges in Vadodara. The kitchen is maintained and police women came there to cook food after their daily eight hours duty at various points in the city.

The women police constable in such difficult situations are not only managing between their families and duty but also prepare food for the people in need. On an average they prepare food for 400 people in the Police Kitchen at Pratapnagar. The teams also maintained social distancing while distributing the food to the needy.

The team also spread awareness in people about social distancing, wearing masks, they should not come out of the house, do not touch each other, use a handkerchief while coughing, consult doctor in case of sore throat and other complications and stay indoors in case of any problem.

The Samajh Sparsh ki team distributed food to around 800 people in slum areas and poor since the lockdown was declared. The Senior Citizen Cell reach out to elderly senior citizens living a lonely life in Vadodara city during the lockdown. They provide a mobile number through media platforms and help around 4000 elderly with ration, tiffin, medicine and medical treatment. The team also provide counseling to those who are living lonely life and remove negative thoughts from their minds. They took help from psychologists and psychotherapists for the task.

The elders who need treatment were provided free by the doctors from the Rhythm hospital. Those who are unable to move they contact the Senior Citizen Cell and they reached out to them with the help. The team also distributed ration, tiffin, sanitiser and masks to the needy and also contacted the senior citizens regularly for their well being.

The team also make them aware about watching epic serials like Ramayan and Mahabharat on TV, listening to songs on radio and yoga to strengthen the body and mind. They also met them regularly spread awareness about the golden rule of physical distancing, sanitise and wash hands on regular intervals and wearing masks to break the chain of deadly Coronavirus. They treat them like a family member and remove all negative thoughts from their minds.

The Police Control Team was also formed to help the needy people during the lockdown. Poor and needy ones called the team for their basic needs and they provide the week long items like ration, vegetables, oil and others by visited them in person.

During the lockdown period the police team under the leadership of Vadodara city police commissioner make sure to follow all the rules in order to prevent themselves and their families from the deadly virus. All officers and employees were provided sanitizer, mask, face shield, PPE Suit for protection against virus. Periodic medical check-ups, good nutritious meals, ayurvedic medicines to boost the immune system, homeopathic medicines, vitamin-C boost pouches and vitamin tablets were given to care about the health and paying special attention to strengthen their morale.


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