Vadodara police arrested one person selling liquor in a basement of a mall in Akota area of the city. They seized liquor worth lakhs along with two luxurious cars used to stock the bottles.

As per the details Gotri police received a tip about the selling of liquor inside the parking area of Indiabulls Mall near Jetalpur bridge. They reached the spot and found one Shahrukh Pathan from Machipith area selling the liquor.

After strict interrogation he shows two parked car inside the basement with liquor bottles inside. He said the liquor consignment was left by one Munaf and Shoaib and he kept it for selling.

Police recovered liquor worth around 3 lakhs from both the cars along with the cars. They also declared the two wanted in the matter.

It’s surprising for many as on duty security personnel checks every car enters inside the mall and inspite of that such a big consignment of liquor enter inside and sold at the basement.



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