Sent 43 students to Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

City based Parul University has once again taken the initiative of sending 43 students in 2 different exchange programs at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland. One of the University’s long standing partners in student exchange programs, faculty exchange programs and research collaborations.

A group of 26 students and 1 faculty from Parul Institute of Architecture, are currently taking part in a four week exchange program at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland. The students will be studying Architectural Acoustics coupled with a subject on Thermal comfort and renewable energy for low energy structures. These subjects will provide the students with a more comprehensive approach to the modern western aspects of architecture.

In these four weeks, the students will also get the chance to explore the cultural aspects of Europe and develop a global diversified perspective. “Being a part of this exchange program has been a dream come true, being able to gain the first hand exposure into the real life elements of architecture, will give me the hands on, practical exposure i desire to open my eyes to the various elements of architecture” said Daxesh Mangukiya, a student of architecture.

In addition, another group of 17 students and 1 faculty from Parul Institute of Engineering Technology, have also ventured to Wroclaw University of Science and Technology for a 6-week exchange program. This diversified group of students will be learning various subjects in the fields of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer science engineering and information technology. The syllabus structure, is strategically designed to offer give the students a more theoretical and practical framework of the technological aspects of Europe, providing the students with the relevant expertise for implementing the same in their Indian projects.

This exchange program, is one amongst the many in Parul University, providing the students a chance and opportunity to study in countries like Switzerland, Russia, America, Canada and Poland. “Having such a large group of students expressing their desire to gain an international exposure, brings me great delight. In this modern era, the current employment and placement market highly prioritises individuals with such international exposure. Therefore, I strongly believe that this exchange program will place the students a step ahead towards the various job placements in Parul University.” said Dr Devanshu Patel President Parul University.

In search of new discoveries, these budding architecture and engineering students will be venturing to Poland for knowledge sharing. As part of its international students exchange programs, the university till date have sent over 900 students to various colleges across the world.


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