On the occasion of International Women’s Day SaMvitti Foundation organized a function named, SaMvitti Poetic Dance, at the Sate Home for Women (Nari Sanrakshan Gruh), Nizampura in Vadodara. It’s a unique programme where the dance movements was based on Meerabai’s poems.

The programme actively engaged the residents of the State Home for Women in listening, singing, and performing dance movements set to Meerabai’s poems. Dr. Darshini Dadawala, Poet & Critic, led the process of listening, singing and discussion of Meera’s Poem while the dance movements were led and mentored by renowned Bharat Natyam danseuse Prof. Parul Shah.

Justifying the choice of using Meerabai’s bhanjan to accompany the dance movements, Dr. Darshini Dadawala, First Trustee and member of the Managing Committee said that Meerabai’s life and work are a source of inspiration for women down the ages. She rebelled against the existing social norms to dedicate her life to devotion and creativity.

The activity on Thursday performed by women at State Home is the first step towards their creative living and society must encourage them for such way of life, she added.

SaMvitti Poetic Dance provided a special opportunity and created the environment to develop the participant’s motivational power and instill appreciation for poetry and dance.

Rajmata Shubhanginiraje Gaekwad, Patron, SaMvitti Foundation, graced the occasion with her presence and encouraged the participants to connect to arts and literature to enable their emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth. Kavita Madhukar, beauty expert, groomed the participants to instill a celebratory note into the occasion.

The SaMvitti Foundation initiates activities that empower women through literature and culture. Through this activity, the Foundation made a subtle but meaningful difference in the participant’s routine lives by connecting them to sublime poetry.