Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his maiden visit to Vadodara after moved to center said that the city is always remembered by him about his earlier days that he spent in this city and the city has a special place in his heart.


PM Modi said that his government always has a soft corner for the Divyangs and they make efforts to reach every house of such people and give them the benefit of various schemes that they started for them.


Modi said that he always give prime preference to the Divyangs and always work for them. “I always prefer to come in such programmes organised for Divyangs as spending time with them gives me mental peace. Moreover I get the chance to met the parents of such people who are doing the hurricane work to take care of their Divyang children. I feel proud when I met such people and associate with them. This is the programme not just to distribute the aids to them but its an effort to sensitise the people towards Divyangs and make them feel to help them.”


He said his government is always looking for development of Divyangs and for that they started various schemes to benefit and help them. “With Sugamya Yojna we provide the facilities for Divyangs in newly built government buildings, railway stations and bus depots. We make it possible that the Divyang can move easily in such buildings. We make such mechanism that we can reach to every Divyang home and give them the benefit started by the government. In the last two years our government has conducted around 4500 camps for the Divyangs but the earlier government in 22 years only conduct 56 such camps for Divyangs.”


Modi said that his government is working for the benefit of Divyangs right from filling up the posts which lie vacant in the government to help them through various schemes. “More than 5 and half lakh Divyangs get aids from our government and we will continue to help them.


There are 16,500 posts vacant in the government and i guide my officials to first fill it and I am happy to announce that till date we are able to fill 14,500 posts. We also help stand the department which is into making aids for the Divyangs and make it a profit making unit. Our government also make a common language for the Divyangs,” said Modi.


Modi asked everyone present there that what is the world now talking about India. All answered Surgical strike but PM Modi said that no the talking is about growth of India. “India is now on a path of growth and as such the speed of India that all confirmed it with one voice. We always talk about development and it is the solution for everything. He said they are able to save 36,000 crores after get rid of the agents in between the people and the government. Similarly without any surgical strike we are able to bring back 65,000 black money and when Surgical strike happens then you can imagine how much money will come to us,” said Modi.


Before his speech PM Modi distributed the aids like TLM, Braille kit, Smart Phone, Smart Cane, Digi Talk, Motorised Tricycle and other things to the Divyangs specially girls and women. The highlight was when a physically handicapped boy wear his artificial limbs and walked in front of him. Later he drive a tricycle of a Divyang till the end of the stage. Later Vadodara MP Ranjan Bhatt give a cheque of 1 cr 31lakhs to the PM for the Deendayal Divyang Palak Mandal.


After arrived on stage he talked about the love of the people of Vadodara as he was overwhelmed to see people standing on both sides of the road to welcome him on his route towards Navlakhi ground. Deputy CM Nitin Patel compared him with the kings of the Mythological era as he has the qualities of a great king described in historical books. He also welcomed his descision for the surgical strike to give a fitting reply to the terrorists.
Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani said that today he saw two side of PM Narendra Modi. One is the Pradhan Sevak and 56inch chest who make possible the surgical strike. And one was here a soft hearted PM who met the Divyangs with so much of affection.


He also said that Gujarat was lucky to have two such programmes for Divyangs. One was in Navsari where PM Modi celebrated his birthday with the Divyangs and now in Vadodara he is present in the programme for the Divyangs and co incidentally National BJP President Amit Shah is celebrating his birthday today. He also assure the Divyangs that their government will be sensitive and work for their development. They already started various schemes for them and continue the same in future.