After elections and new year celebrations Vadodara is now all set for the famous kite festival the identity of Gujarat. Like every year the markets are flooding with various theme related kites which are selling like hot cakes.

People are eagerly waiting for the two day kite festival and all decked up to celebrate it with great fervour. Like every year various theme related kites are the favorites among people and selling like hot cakes. The festival is about more then 10 days away but the markets are all decked up to welcome the customers.

This time PM Narendra Modi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi, controversial Padmavati film themes are the one attract customers in big numbers. As per Kite seller Sajid Wajiali the market is all decked up with kites and people already starts purchasing their stuff before the festival. As the day comes nearer the business will speed up with the purchase.

This time based on the recent Gujarat elections kites on theme of PM Narendra Modi and Congress President Rahul Gandhi are the favorite ones among kite enthusiasts. The idea is to fly kites and compete just like in elections.

The controversial film Padmavati theme kites are also in great demand this time. For children the favorite characters of Motu Patlu, Dora Dora, Shiva and others theme kites are also for taking in the market.

The GST also effect the rates but as per the sellers the kite enthusiasts least care about the thing and purchase with big heart. For them the festival matters a lot rather then the GST effect as the sellers felt. They are also hopeful about good business in the coming days as the festival comes close.


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