Demand compensation for her family and safety for all

Physiotherapy students working in Covid hospitals in Vadodara raised their protest after a intern died of coronavirus. They put allegations on the administration for forced the physio to perform duty even after she informed them about not feeling well. They shouted slogans and demand compensation for her and also request government to think about their safety.

As per available details the external intern was tested positive and died during treatment. The incident shocked her colleagues and on Friday they raised protest against the administration for not taking care of them. The put allegations that the intern informed the authorities about her health but then also she was forced to do the duty and lost her life. They demand compensation for her family and also safety for themselves.

The students chanted slogans outside the office of the superintendent of Sayaji Hospital on Friday and demand compensation for the deceased fellow student.

Ami Parmar, a student involved in the protest, said, their fellow intern died yesterday as she was forced to go for duty inspite of having informed the authorities about being sick. They put allegations on the authorities for not listening to them and forced to do the duties at covid department. What happened to the fellow intern today, could happen to other students tomorrow.

Devanshi Prajapati another student said, they came to get justice for the tragic demise of their fellow intern. They demand compensation for the family of the student and also safety and security for them.


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