Person electrocuted inside Kamatibaug garden in Vadodara


A sad incident happened last night in Vadodara when the husband died in front of the eyes of his wife. The whole incident was captured in the cctv camera of the popular Kamatibaug garden where the couple went and the husband came in contact with live current and electrocuted.

Very heavy rains lashed Vadodara city on Friday evening resulting in waterlogging everywhere and incidents of vehicle breakdown and traffic woes were seen at various points. However the sad incident send shockwaves in the mind of people as the husband died in front of his wife.

Said to be originally hails from Nepal 27 years old Amarsinh Maanvirsinh Rajput went to Kamatibaug garden along with his wife on Friday. Both the couple are enjoying the rain and passing through the natural watch inside the garden. However the cctv shows that Amar Rajput jumped the railing and went inside the sit in a bench but collapsed there after came in contact with the live wire. His wife tried to check and she felt a shock and then known the situation shouted for help.

Hearing the cries of the woman people inside the garden rushed to help and called other people also. They tried to rescue him with the help of plastic dustbin cap. Later he was shifted to nearby hospital in a private vehicle but the doctors on duty declared him dead on arrival. The whole incident was captured in the cctv where the helpless woman tried to save her husband.


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