Unique initiative by JET to spread awareness in people

Corona is raging day by day in Vadodara city and administration is taking every step to control the situation. However people are yet not taking it seriously and turning out to be irresponsible. To make them understand the seriousness of the situation the Joint Enforcement Teams takes a unique way to spread awareness about following the rules.

On Saturday the JET caught the youths without masks and instead of taking fine they garland them to make them understand the importance of following the covid guidelines.

Corona is becoming uncontrollable and the administration is increasing the beds and other facilities in hospitals on war footing. The Joint Enforcement Team has started operations in various areas of the city to ensure compliance with the Covid guidelines. Every effort is being made by the administration to combat Corona and even in such a situation, people are showing a foolish attitude of not wearing masks and moving outside freely.

On Saturday, the teams of ward no-12 of the VMSS were spreading awareness about following the covid guidelines. Meanwhile the youths appeared without masks were greeted with garlands by the teams and thanked them for inviting corona at public place. The purpose behind doing this is to make people to follow the covid guidelines or else the situation will get worse.

Even after a million attempts by the government, the corona situation could be further aggravated by the laxity of the people. People must follow the rules to keep themselves and the city healthy.


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