Demand fair compensation for their properties cut in bullet train project

Today, on the 72nd Republic Day, people living near the Pandya Hotel in Vadodara formed a human chain to protest and demanding fair compensation for the houses, shops and offices that are being cut for the bullet train project.

Social worker and advocate Hasmukh Bhatt said that under the Bullet Train project, houses, shops and offices of Nanavati ni chawl, Faramji ni chawl and Shankarwadi Mehta are being deducted. Protests have been staged today by the people formed a human chain as the government is not giving proper compensation to those who lost houses, shops and land in the Bullet Train project.

He said to have no protest against the bullet train, but want proper compensation as well as arrangements for rehabilitation. If their demands are not solved by the government, they will be forced to agitate in coming days.

A local student named Sonalben said that the way Prime Minister Narendra Modi dreams of a bullet train, they have the same dream. But they should be given fair compensation for their houses going in the bullet train project. They need to secure their future.

Rinabhan, who lives in Nanavati Chawl, said that this Chawl was built in 1902. General compensation is being offered to them for their houses under the Bullet Train project and they have a strong opposition for it. She demand to be given proper compensation and alloted proper space to the people whose shops are going in the project. They have no objections to the Bullet train project but only demand is that proper compensation for the properties deducted in the Bullet Train project be paid by the government.


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