A sanitary pad for women made from the skin of banana and disposed in six months is what the visitors in the Paryavaran Mela eager to know. The mela organised by Socleen is part of the awareness campaign starting this year on World Environment Day.

Women Mensuration is one of the most focused theme in the three day Paryavaran Mela organise by Socleen in Vadodara. The aim is to spread awareness among women about their health in those days which often neglected by them specially in rural areas.

The three day Paryavaran Mela put focus on various topics related to enviornment covered at one spot like Water conservation, Solid waste management, Solar energy, Recycling,  substitution of plastic and many others. One of the important topic highlighted in the mela is Women mensuration where various companies display their products for the well being of women.

Ahemdabad based company Saathi comes us with a sanitary napkin made from the skin fibre of Banana and 100% biodegradable is one of the highlight here. The company works on to distribute pads to women in urban slums and rural villages and also provides additional income to the farmers as they get their raw material Banana tree fibre from them.

Saathi also is on a mission to deliver one million pads to women in rural Jharkhand where they use tree skins and soil in their mensuration cycle. Ranu Kala from the marketing team of Saathi said the women in Jharakhand use tree skins and soil which is dangerous to their health and hence they decide to deliver one million pads to them. Secondly their product is 100% biodegradable and dispose easily without any harmful effect to the environment.

She added that the pads available in the market having plastic as one of the material and there is a danger of cervical cancer while using it for long time. However their product is fully environment friendly and not have any adverse effects on women health.

The other thing which attract the people is C cup pad made from silicon material. The company claims that Manish Malani from the company said that once a woman purchase a c cup she don’t have to get another till 10 years. Manish Malani from the company said the C cup don’t have any adverse effects on women and save them from health issues like fungal infection and curvical cancer.

The theme of this year is plastic and the organisers put focus on the same and aims to be a “Zero Waste Exhibition”. They decide not to allow plastic water bottles inside, the banners will be of jute and the food served is on plates made from leaves. Moreover the waste generate from there will be recycled and composite hence zero waste is there at the exhibition.