Parul University team develops portable breathing assistant to fight against COVID-19


The continuous increase in COVID-19 cases put various challenges in the form of medical complications across the nation. Parul University has been actively making efforts and investing its academic resources towards providing ways of mitigating these challenges.

As part of these efforts, a team of students and faculties from the University’s entrepreneurship development cell, presented a medical innovative concept design centred on solving the issues relating to various medical complications. This breathing system features a systematic mechanism which is directed towards facilitating the highest form of medical relief at the lowest costs.

“SAASH – Your Breathing Assistant” is the brainchild of senior mentors and students of the University’s entrepreneurship development cell namely, Ankit Patel, Dhrvan Sakhiya, Prof. Om Prakash Shukla (Led), Dr. Vanita Prasad and Prof. Ajay Barot. The team took part in the national chapter of a global techstars start-up challenge, where they managed to bag the 12th position out of 105 teams, and an overal attendance of over 1000 participants.

This 54 hour long digital start-up contest was one of the many contests organised in 69 countries across the world. Techstars Start-up Weekend features some of the finest minds in the field of entrepreneurship and start-up innovation, featuring developers, designers, marketers, doctors, students, scientists, teachers, entrepreneurs amongst others.

The design concept which the team devised, features a breathing assisting system serves the purpose of offering respiratory support to patients who will be suffering from breathing complications due to COVID-19. This device makes use of the principle of reciprocating motion sliders by pressing the ambu bag. The system comprises of an additional device PULSE OXIMETER for SPO2 (Saturated percentage of Oxygen) with Pulse Rate Measurement, and an Ambu Bag , consisting of an air-inlet one-way valve mechanism. In addition to ensure the easy flow and control of air, the team will go on to include a mediguard oxygen flow meter mentioned in Bull-Nose Fitting Assembly.

This portable breathing assistant is strategically designed in a cost-effective manner which will allow the majority of the people to utilise its life saving advantages. With the current market value of ventilators has become difficult for the majority to afford, this system will be available to the public at the cost of Rs. 52 000.

“Having such forms of innovative start-up projects will go a long way in ensuring that our academic practices as a university, shall always be in line with the needs of the society and the nation. It is a matter of pride to see our entrepreneurship team, making such strides in the challenging times ”, said the PU Vice President, Dr. Parul Patel.


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