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Parul University organised Vadodara Hackathon acts as an Idea Launchpad for over 600 students across the State

Parul University organised Vadodara Hackathon acts as an Idea Launchpad for over 600 students across the State

Channelling the innovative and creativity of the students for effective solutions to some of the socio-economic concerns of the world today, was the agenda behind the recently held Vadodara Hackathon 2020 organised by Parul University. The two day event was acted as a platform for the students to explore their computer skills and abilities.

Further enhancing the depth and scope of its comprehensive curriculum towards a path of entrepreneurship and innovation, the University took the initiative of putting together this grand technical event for all the students of Gujarat.

With over 433 ideas proposed against 150+ problems statements, which were solved by 600 students from diverse academic backgrounds and institutions across the State, Vadodara Hackathon acted as the ideal platform to challenge the students’ technical literacy. As a way of creating a conducive ecosystem for student entrepreneurship, and innovation, this hackathon was organised in collaboration with SSIP, GESIA, FIG, Smart India Hackathon (MHRD), VCCI, VIC, GIC, MIC and IIC.

Leading companies in the various sectors of the industry along with administrative bodies, also supported the event as partners in various capacities such as knowledge partnerships. “Hackathons are one of the best ways to drive innovation by internally engaging our students. It provides a platform for students to collaborate with other business functions and exhibit their creative talent”, shared the University’s Provost, Dr M N Patel.

The themes which the students were focusing on throughout the hackathon were centred on some of the pressing needs of the society today. These focal areas include Smart Communication, Healthcare & Biomedical devices, Agriculture and Rural Development Smart Vehicles, Food Processing, Clean water and Renewable Energy. Beginning as challenges, these areas of focus ended up acting as the launchpads which shot the innovative ideas of the students, towards a trajectory of practical utility for the society.

“Being able to be presented with such an opportunity is a great opportunity for me, i am very grateful to Parul University for creating for us such a grand event which allowed us to put into practise all the knowledge which we have gained all throughout our academics”, Divang Patel a student of Computer Engineering.

To uplift the spirits as well as to motivate the students, the occasion was graced by some of the most prominent personalities in the industrial and public sectors. Present as the chief guest of the ceremony was Shailendra Jaiswal, Principal Executives Director Defence Research DRDO Ministry of Defence, Indian Railway Service along with Manohar Chawla, President, Federation of Gujarat Industries(FGI) and Maulik Bhansali, Director & Chairman, GESIA. As guests of honor, the occasion was graced by Nitesh Patel, Secretary General, FGI, Dhruv Patel, MD, Redspark Technology, Director & Chairman Vadodara Chapter, GESIA and Nikhil Suthar, Officer on Special Duty, GIC, Regional Coordinator, GTU.

“Hackathons stimulate the creative intellect of students and they go on to facilitate a problem-solving platform through calculated risk-taking. Having such a diversity of participants in our campus allows for a diversity in perspective and I believe throughout this event we witnessed the fruits of such diversity, '' said the University’s President Dr Devanshu J Patel.

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