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Parul University new calender express essence of learning

Parul University new calender express essence of learning

Marking the new beginnings by Shaping the Minds of over 28000 Students towards their dream career

New year marks the beginning of new beginnings, opportunities and resolutions to follow for the whole year. With such idea Parul University has blended wit, creativity and ink to express the essence of learning through its creatively crafted concept calendar for the year 2020.

Having its thought provoking title “Shape Your Mind”, this calendar concept seeks to portray the never ending process of education, which instills a certain kind of knowledge and shapes the minds of students, academicians, along with everyone else within the society.

Annually the University makes a publication of the calendar editions, but this year having a higher level of significance it portrays the endless process of education. The calendar concepts are designed with the purpose of addressing some of the most pressing social, economic and technological issues within the society.

These featured concepts include, the need to use technology networks in such a way that develops connections with the people around us. The concepts also include awareness on the need for people to shape their minds in a way that upholds the law and respects the constitution. It goes on to express the need to utilise education in such a way that does not only develop the individual but in such a way that leads to the overall growth and development of the society and the nation at large.

The calendar acts as a campus of inspiration, guiding each and every person in the path of knowledge towards the destination of education. It goes on to give a reflection of the goal and agenda of Parul University towards the academic initiatives which they put together throughout the year.

In addition this concept is based on the comprehensive curriculum which the University offers to its students, which goes beyond merely taking the academic approach, by including a more focus on the personal development of the students by having a mind that is shaped in their direction of their career dreams.

The University believes that the best placement opportunities which the students have been receiving upon completing their academics have been as a result of the process of continuously shaping the minds of the students towards their desired career path from the moment they begin their studies in Parul University.

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