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Parul University illuminates the light of Diwali in visually challenged people

Parul University illuminates the light of Diwali in visually challenged people

Celebrate Diwali with 200 visually challenged members of societies across Gujarat

Bringing the light of Diwali into the lives of the visually impaired people from across Gujarat, Vadodara based Parul University took the initiative of organising an event centred on providing welfare packages and gifts. Through the efforts of its Social Responsive Cell, Parul University brought together 200 visually challenged people from various cities, for a gathering focusing on providing them with the much needed support and care through these packages.

The event was graced by the presence of Manoj Aggarwal, (IAS) Additional Chief Secretary Social Justice and Empowerment Department; Government of Gujarat, who presided over the function. The Social Responsive Cell student volunteers provided assistance to all the participants throughout this event, which was held at the University’s auditorium. Most important they ensured COVID-19 precautionary measures and appropriate physical distancing.

This initiative was amongst the many measures which the University has been putting together focusing on providing support for the challenges which have been caused by the Corona pandemic in the lives of vulnerable groups in the society. The kits which were distributed to these people were containing 1 litre of oil and assorted Diwali snacks with sweets. Beyond the packages distributed, the event was successful in lifting up the spirits of those who took part, and illuminated their hearts with the love and joy which many have been experiencing in and around the city and the State.

During the event, Manoj Aggarwal appreciated the efforts of the Social Responsive Cell, as he went on to suggest the initiation of various government schemes in villages surrounding the University. He went on to further commend the University’s efforts for its most recent initiatives such as Meals on Wheels, and the bag making project for women.

Also gracing this event, was the Guinness Book of Records Sprinting holder, Mr. Arvind. The presence of these personalities along with the University’s management, also went a long way in displaying that they also were standing with these 200 participants. To ensure the safety while at the same time promoting the convenience of these people, Parul University provided transport facilities for all the participants for both coming and going from their homes, to the University.

The occasion also provided a platform for all the participants to share their various concerns and experiences with the present Additional Chief Secretary, who addressed their concerns personally, while the rest were noted by the Social Defence Officers of Vadodara office.

“Organising such initiatives is our way of being in the society and also staying connected with those in the society. Our goal as a University is to continue supporting and providing relief to some of the specific vulnerable groups within our society in any way we can and this Diwali season happens to be the perfect time for sharing the warmth of care and compassion by lending a hand and standing for those in need of such support”, said Dr. Geetika M Patel, Trustee and Chairperson Social Responsive Cell, Parul University.

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